INTRODUCING The Feng Shui Queen

Are you unknowingly sabotaging your success in a way that is right under your nose but has never even occurred to you?

Ask yourself this question….

“What do your lifestyle habits and home decor have to do with your ability to use
the Law of Attraction?”

Aligning With Your Intentions

Aligning With Your Intentions

This Amazing Audio Program and Workbook Show You How Simple Changes To Your Living Space, Attitude and Time and Timing Can Completely Change Your Life, Freeing You To Live More Completely Than Ever Before!

Dear Friend,

I’m sure you have some changes you’d like to make this year.

Don’t we all?
Maybe you’d like to attract that perfect partner, a new business, a nicer car or home. Whatever it is that you desire, you’ll need to create that sympathy
with the energy of what you are trying to create.

Now let me ask you something. Where do you spend the greatest amount
of your time?

Wouldn’t you agree that you spend a great deal of your time in your home
or apartment?

What does your home feel like when you get there? Is it cluttered and messy?


Is it so clean and “architecturally digestible” looking that you can’t
get comfortable?

What is the energy of your dwelling and how is it affecting your mind and body?

Rhonee and I are going to teach you what steps you can take to make your manifestations align more completely. Forget about pasting pictures on a single vision board.

What if you’re home IS your vision board?

Think about this, when you first wake up in the morning, are you looking
at a vision board?

I think it’s more likely you’re eyes are trying to focus on your covers, your nightstand, the pictures on the walls in your bedroom, the alarm clock.
Am I right?

As you rush through your morning are you looking at your vision board while you shave or apply your makeup? Or are you looking at your counters, shower, sink or mirror?

How about when you’re pouring the milk over your cereal or dumping the sugar into your coffee? Is your vision board there or are you looking at your sink, dishwasher, coffee maker or microwave?

All of these things are right there in front of your face and you are probably taking them completely for granted, but are they aligning your intentions with what you want to create in your life?

It’s a simple case of the forest and the trees!

You know there was a teacher I had in high school, an American Lit teacher who made a real example out of me in his classroom. (Yes, I was the trouble maker!) I told him after the first class that I had already read everything on his syllabus and asked him if I could skip his 7th bell class for the semester to go read my own reading list independently.

I was sure he’d say no, but he didn’t. He told me I had to appear for every major assignment and test date but otherwise I was to follow my own agenda, assuring me I’d be getting graded HARD.

He told my class that I had hit an important point on the education process. He was there to teach but he could only point the way and it was up to us to educate ourselves. I made an A in his class.

What makes an “A” student different from a “C” student?

The “C” student completes the work and learns the material. A “B” student does that plus goes a bit further in polishing their work.

But an “A” student goes out and turns over stones that weren’t required.
They get multiple sources and a broader depth of “understanding” of the subject.

So what grade will you get on your “goal setting” or “manifesting?”

Are you going to learn the methods and do the work? Or will you go the full distance and become the “A” student, perfectly aligning every aspect of your study and application so that you get a holistic “understanding” of how to make your life work for you?

Rhonee and I can’t and WON’T twist your arm here. If you want to learn the REAL DEAL and start making changes happen, then join us. If not, we understand, and we’d rather work with the most motivated because we love to see people transform their lives.

This program is an awesome value. My normal hourly rate is over $300 and Rhonee’s is currently at $180 (her appointment minimum) plus you’ll get the workbook (and I never slouch on these!) The program is a microscopic fraction of that. We’ll even take email questions after the program if you have them.

Why your dwelling affects the outcome of your manifestation?
Does your birth date tell you things about your best approaches to success, relationships, health and sleep/ personal development? Is it true for everyone?
Can you use your birth date to assist you in picking your ideal home? Why does it matter?
How can the direction of your front door make or break your success?
Can you use numerology to calculate ideal addresses, phone numbers, business names or even the names of your children?
What and where you should place images and items in your home that will actually force the Universe to provide you with your dreams.
How can the hour of the day affect the outcome of your dreams, goals or manifesting?
How can the phase of the moon give your goal setting a serious boost?
And much more!
Lives will be changed by this program!

A simple email or comment will get you the answers to these and more questions about how Feng Shui is already in your life. Is it positively influencing your results or negatively impacting your circumstances with chaos and challenge?

The answer is simple; all you have to do is ASK. But will you?